Galaxyite is also known as micro Labradorite, and consists of flashy pieces of Labradorite in a plain matrix.

It is almost always sold polished – usually tumbled. Our stocks are quite limited, but please feel free to get in touch if you’re looking for something in particular.

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This material should not be confused with ‘Galaxite’. There is very limited information about either material online.

Galaxyite is a dark green Feldspar stone with small patches of iridescence scattered across its surface.

There is not much information about Galaxyite online, and some of it is contradictory – one website claims the material was discovered in Quebec, Canada, others claim it is from the town of Galax, New Virginia (USA.)

My thoughts on the subject are that the material is purely a fractured, low grade Labradorite from various locales.

Hazards and Warnings


Almost all rocks, minerals (and, frankly, almost all other substances on earth) can produce toxic dust when cutting, which can cause serious respiratory conditions including silicosis.
When cutting or polishing rocks, minerals, shells, etc, all work should be done wet to minimise the dust, and a suitable respirator or extraction system should be used.