Tumblestones A - F

Our alphabetical category for tumblestones beginning with the letters A – F, all the way from Agate to Fluorite.

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What are tumblestones?

Tumbled stones are a popular type of polished stone, in which a rough stone is polished in a barrel with varying grades of abrasive powder.

It creates a small, mirror polished stone which some people carry or hold for the supposed healing abilities – known as ‘crystal healing’. Our information pages for each stone have more information on both the stone and the crystal healing benefits it is thought to bestow.

Other people use them purely as a decorative item – usually in a crystal or glass bowl, or a small vase. Some people use them as fish tank or aquarium decorations, or to decorate plant pots, etc.

They are beautiful objects, and we have a wide range of different types – feel free to click through to our A-Z sections and find the perfect stones for you.