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Fake Crystals: Glass as a Gemstone

Some of these pieces are more 'fake' than others. Goldstone and Opalite are often sold as glass by trustworthy merchants - but not always.Some are easy to spot, but unfortunately, some are not. This page just lists a few common fakes. Andara AKA: "Golden...

Identifying and Testing Fake Turquoise

Identifying and testing fake Turquoise Turquoise is actually quite a rare gemstone - but there are many fake Turquoise pieces for sale across the internet. It can be extremely difficult to identify these fake pieces from images, even for experienced collectors. Having...

Gemstones and minerals at war!

Gemstones and Minerals and their use in wars and combatI haven't actually read a post quite like this before, so I decided to write one. It focusses on two of my favourite subjects; minerals, and military history.The information in this post is backed up by various...

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