Geological, Fossil, Lapidary and Trading Groups in the UK.

We run this page for one reason – a love of gemstones, minerals, and fossils.


It can be quite difficult to find accurate, up to date information on many of the clubs around the UK – we have contacted each and every club on this page and will check occasionally to make sure the information is still up to date.



Lapidary groups in the UK.

Bristol and District Lapidary Society

Bristol based group who cut and polish stones, as well as collect rocks and minerals locally.

Location: Bristol.


Sidcup Lapidary and Mineral Society

Lapidary and mineral society that has been running for over 40 years – has a lapidary workshop and offers tuition on Mondays.

Location: Sidcup, Bexleyheath – near London.


Facebook: SLMS on Facebook.

Leith Lapidary Club

Edinburgh based lapidary club who also do silverwork and enamelling – they offer beginners classes twice per year. They are currently expanding into larger premises.

Location: Edinburgh.


Facebook: LLC on Facebook

Sussex Mineral and Lapidary Society

The Sussex Mineral and Lapidary Society comprises about 120 members, the majority of whom live in or close to Sussex and associate members in other parts of the UK and overseas.

Location: Haywards Heath, Sussex.


Norfolk Mineral and Lapidary Society

Norfolk based group, founded in 1973.

Location: Norfolk.


Facebook: NMLS on Facebook

The Scottish Mineral and Lapidary Club

Edinburgh based lapidary club – the oldest in the country. They have around 90 members, and offer a basic lapidary course.

Location: Leith, Edinburgh.


Facebook: SMLC on Facebook

Geological groups in the UK.


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Fossil collecting and interest groups in the UK.


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Rock, Mineral, Gemstone and Fossil trading groups in the UK.

Gemstone, Mineral, and Fossil Trading UK

A small Facebook based trading group that operates online only – it’d be nice to see them grow.

Location: Purely online. Trades and sales done by mail/post.



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