Wholesale Crystals, Gemstones, and Fossils

We offer a wide range of wholesale crystals, gemstones, and fossils, including tumblestones, carvings, cut and faceted stones, and rough stones. We simply haven’t managed to get all our stock on our website yet – get in touch for a full list.

Interested in seeing our products? We are happy to arrange a viewing for you, anywhere in the country. Contact us for more information.

We previously operated a wholesale website, but now have reverted to our old system.

Please feel free to send an email to supply@albionfireandice.co.uk with a bit of detail about your business and what you’re looking for and we’ll send you a password for the secure area.


Got your password already?

Who can benefit from our trade accounts?

Artists and Woodworkers

While gemstones and minerals may seem an unusual choice for an artist, we have found that they make beautiful inlays – especially for woodwork, frames, and hand crafted boxes.


We sell a range of gemstone and semi precious beads that are perfect for beaders!

Crystal Healing Practitioners

We supply a range of gemstones and minerals that are considered beneficial in the crystal healing field, including a range of carvings and shapes.

Crystal and Gemstone Retailers

For those with shops or stalls, our crystal packets are ideal – we can provide bags of a vast range of tumblestones and other small decorative objects which sell very well in any New Age or Crystal shop.

Crystal and Gemstone Wholesalers

While other wholesalers may be able to find many of our products, we look for suppliers worldwide, to provide as wide a range as we can. Perhaps we have certain items you can’t find a reliable supplier of.

Gift Shops

Our range of decorative carvings and objects sell brilliantly in gift shops – a gemstone heart is an excellent gift. We sell a wide variety of carvings and shapes in different crystals and gemstones, suitable for any gift shop.


Looking for a reliable UK supplier of cabochons, faceted stones, or freeform pendants, in a range of stones? We can definitely help.


Rough gemstones, minerals, and other rocks can actually be quite challenging to find in the UK in any quantity. We supply a range of rough rocks, sourced worldwide.

Market Sellers / Stallholders

Looking to start a business, or have a little room left on your stall? Some of our gift items may fit perfectly – their beautiful appearance helps to catch the eyes of passer-bys.

Museums and Museum Gift Shops

We sell a range of fascinating products that are ideal for children, and can be resold for pocket money prices – our Geodes and Fossil ranges are always popular with younger people, and we sell some higher grade specimens for those display cabinets.

Reiki Healing Practitioners

We supply a range of gemstones and minerals that are considered beneficial in the Reiki healing field, including a range of carvings and shapes.

Schools, Teachers, and Educational

We offer a range of products that make great teaching aids, and are suitable for classroom use.

Stone Setters

It can be hard to find a reliable UK based supplier of gemstones – we do not sell Diamonds or higher priced stones, preferring to sell semi precious cabochons and faceted stones, with a few select exceptions.

Wire Wrappers

We have a close association with a local wire wrapper and are able to source quality free form cabochons from around the world, especially Labradorite and Moonstone.