Amethyst Tumblestones

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Tumbled pieces of Amethyst, available in a few different sizes and qualities.


Tumbled Amethyst

Tumbled Amethyst pieces, available in a few different grades.

Our grades run from Grade C to Grade AAA – typically the lower grade stones will have some clouding, inclusions, cracks, iron stains, etc – the higher grade stones will be clearer, stronger purple, and some may even be close to Ametrine.

They’d make excellent display stones in a bowl or a small vase, or a smaller fishtank.

The more of these tumblestones you buy, the cheaper they get – up to a point, of course!


We sell a wide variety of Amethyst products, including other tumblestones in different sizes and grades, rough stones, carvings, polished stones, and more. Please see our main Amethyst section for more information.

1 review for Amethyst Tumblestones

  1. Rochelle Lewis (verified owner)

    Fabulous quality and really amazing customer service will definitely be ordering these again

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What are tumblestones?

Tumblestones are stones that have been put in spinning barrels with an abrasive compound for weeks or months. This slowly rounds off the rough rock and corners – the stones are then cleaned, and placed with a less abrasive grit. This happens several times until the stones are placed into a barrel with a polishing compound for their final polish.