Agate Tumblestones (Agatised Fossil Coral)


Medium tumbled pieces of Agatised Coral measuring approximately 20-30MM.

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Tumbled Agatised Coral

Collectors will love these medium sized pieces of tumbled Agatised Coral, which measure approximately 20-30MM in length.

Each of these tumblestones are polished from fossilised coral pieces, which have been replaced by Agate over the centuries.

Maybe they would make excellent display stones in a bowl or a small vase? Because of their nature, in fact, they almost seem like the ideal decorations for a larger fish tank or aquarium.

You can buy these stones in a range of packet sizes, from a single stone to a packet of ten.



We sell a few different Coral pieces, including some more polished pieces. However, Coral pieces are typically sold rough and unpolished.


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