Geodes are a beautiful and unique way to experience geology and gemstones for yourself. Moroccan white Quartz geodes are among our most popular products.

We recommend the uncracked stones, so you can be the first person to ever see the crystals – but we do sell cracked ones too.

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Information about Geodes

Simply, they are hollow rocks with a spherical cavity, commonly lined with crystals that can include amethyst, quartz and calcite. They make fantastic display pieces in the home.

Uncracked stones are especially amazing – they offer you the chance to be the very first person to ever see the crystals inside, which have taken millions of years to form. In an age where so little of the world is left unexplored, I personally find being the first to see something quite a unique experience.

The name itself is derived from the Greek word Geoides meaning “earthlike”. They are widely variable but always offer something unique and striking in appearance.

Due to the nature of these stones – it is simply impossible for us to guarantee satisfaction. Obviously, we can’t see through them!

If you receive a stone that does not contain any crystals, or yours was broken in transit, please contact us for a replacement item.

We cannot be held responsible for any injuries incurred when you break your own open – please make sure to wear safety glasses and gloves at minimum, and wash them thoroughly after breaking to remove small broken crystals and dust. The internal crystals may be very sharp. Children should be supervised at all times while breaking, and ideally assisted by an adult.

Spirituality and Crystal Healing with Geodes

They are considered very useful in energising the root chakra and grounding the spiritual self.

Because of their strong connection to the earth, they are useful in calling on the guidance of the Mother Goddess for healing and fertility.