Agate Nodules (Polished)


Polished Agate nodules from around the world – these are different to geodes as they do not have a void in the centre.


Polished Agate nodules

Polished Agate nodules from around the world, including rare Scottish Agates – these are different from geodes as they do not have a void in the centre. These nodules have been sliced once to show the inside – the sliced area has been polished and the rest of the stone has been left rough.

Scottish Agate is something we aren’t able to get too often – it was tremendously popular in Victorian, Edwardian, and Georgian jewellery before more economically viable mines began shipping from around the world. Now, it is largely collected by ramblers, beachcombers and gold panners. It is difficult to distinguish from Botswana Agates.

The piece you select is the piece you’ll receive – we have taken photographs of each.

  • Brazil #1 – Grey nodule – 67x64x26MM – a nice nodule with excellent polish.
  • Unknown #1 – Crystal nodule – 65x62x26.5MM – primarily a Quartz nodule with a small amount of Agate and an outer ring of Sagenite.
  • Scottish #1 – 45x34x15MM – a darker grey banded nodule.
  • Scottish #2 – 36×28.5×16.5MM – a pale striped grey nodule.
  • Scottish #3 – 44x28x16.5MM – an interesting grey banded nodule.
  • Scottish #4 – 29x23x10MM – a grey nodule with some interesting white inclusions.
  • Scottish #5 – 34×23.5x12MM – a striped grey nodule.
  • Scottish #6 – 36x21x9.5MM – a small grey nodule with pink patches.
  • Scottish #7 – 34.5x26x18MM – a nice grey banded nodule.
  • Scottish #8 – 29.5x21x8MM – a red and pink banded nodule.
  • Scottish #9 – 32x23x14MM – a mixed up nodule with a small area of druzy.
  • Scottish #10 – 38×26.5x17MM – a very nice grey nodule with red areas and banding.
  • Scottish #11 – 32×18.5x13MM – a pink and grey banded piece.
  • Scottish #12 – 35×19.5×11.5MM – a nice dark grey and red banded piece.
  • Scottish #13 – 51.5x47x16.5MM – an exceptional pink and grey nodule with good polish to one side.
  • Scottish #14 – 32.5x40x9.8MM – a nice pink and grey banded piece.


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