Polished Agate Slices


Gorgeous slices of Agate, sold in a few different colours.


Polished Agate Slices

These polished Agate slices make a great display piece.

We sell them in a wide range of sizes and a fair few colours, too. Some are natural, some are dyed – we do try to make this as clear as possible.

A lot of people use these stone slices as display objects, and its obvious why. They look great with light behind them – because of that, some people make them into windchimes. They are a very stable stone and should be perfectly suitable for keeping outdoors, or almost anywhere wet – fishtank, aquarium, etc.

Some of the dyed pieces are fairly low grade; the dye may not have penetrated the stone as well as it could have done. We have uploaded a few pictures showing this.


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