Cotham Marble – polished slices

Lovely polished Cotham Marble slices, available in a few sizes.

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Polished Cotham Marble slices

Slices of Cotham Marble, a stromatolitic limestone from the area around Bristol.
When cut, this stone has an unusual effect - it looks as though there are hills, trees, hedgerows and other organic landscape scenes.
This is a completely natural effect caused by a combination of sediment layers and algae growths, and when in its natural unpolished form would be described as a stromatolite, an ancient form of algae mat which was amongst the first forms of life on Earth.
Essentially, cyanobacteria and algae built up and moved layers of sediment over time. The layers created by this can be seen in these polished slices.
These slices are reasonably large and it isn't too easy to find nice big pieces anymore.

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Weight .25 kg
Dimensions 25 × 9 × 3 cm

#1 – 104x61x8MM, #2 – 106x66x12.5MM, #3 – 158x49x7MM, #4 – 113x53x10MM

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  1. Jo (verified owner)

    Fantastic! Just as pictured

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