Geodes – Break your Own Mini Quartz Geodes



Break your Own – Extra Small Geodes – measuring 30-50MM each approximately.


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Break your Own Mini Quartz Geodes

These are mini Quartz geodes, measuring 30-50MM approximately.

They are primarily clear Quartz, but there may be some Calcite geodes too. It is almost impossible to tell without cracking them open.

These geodes have a reasonably large air gap in the centre and thin walls. This makes them quite easy to crack!

You could use a hammer, or any other heavy metal object, but the more precise, the better – a rock hammer is ideal.

I have opened several of these geodes with a regular claw hammer, so it is definitely possible to do it with basic tools. The simplest and safest way to open these mini Quartz geodes is to wrap them in a cloth and hit them!

Due to the nature of geodes, it is simply impossible for us to guarantee satisfaction without opening them. If you receive a Geode that does not contain any crystals, or your Geode was broken in transit, please contact us for a replacement item.

We cannot be held responsible for any injuries incurred when you break your own geodes. Please make sure to wear safety glasses and gloves and wash geodes thoroughly after breaking. The internal crystals may be very sharp. Children should be supervised at all times while opening Geodes.


We sell a range of other Geodes, including much larger specimens. For more information about them, and a full list of all our related products, see our main ‘Geode’ page.


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