Learning packs: UK fossils


These packs contain four different types of fossils, all sourced from within the UK.

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Learning packs: UK fossils

These learning packs are great little packets of UK fossils for collectors and for classrooms.

They contain a mix of fossils, all of which are sourced from the UK. Each packet will contain at least one Ammonite, one Trilobite, two Brachiopods and two Belemnites – a minimum of 6 fossils, with some packets containing up to 10. Some are relatively common – Brachiopods and Belemnites can be found all over the country. Ammonites are a little less common, and Trilobites are quite hard to find in the UK.

This does depend on the size of the fossils. You might get three or four rather than two.

These are sourced from all over the UK. We cannot guarantee any pack will contain fossils from a certain locale.

The fossils are all fixed to hard cardboard backings, as they are from an old collection. Not the ideal way to sell them in my eyes, but it does help to avoid damage.



We do offer a few other selected learning packs, usually with specific types of fossils, or from specific places.

We do also sell various other Ammonites, Belemnites, Brachiopods and Trilobites.


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