Marston Marble Specimens

Gorgeous contrasting Marston Marble specimens – white Ammonites in a grey matrix. This is starting to become quite a rare material.


Marston Marble Specimens / Rough

These pieces are nice specimens - white Ammonites contrasting against a dark grey matrix. They are UV fluorescent under 365nm due to the Calcite content.

Marston Marble is a particular favourite with lapidarists, not just fossil collectors. It looks amazing polished up - the contrast is great.

It is found in Marston Magna, Somerset - one of the UK's best locales for quality Ammonite specimens. However, this material is becoming rarer and rarer.

Some of these pieces could be cut and polished if you felt the need to do so, but they are lovely as-is. Most of the material I see nowadays is in the form of cabochons but I have to caution against that - being calcite based they are too soft for jewellery use.


One piece, #5, has a flat cut back that would look absolutely amazing polished - in fact, if it doesn't sell fairly quickly I will probably do just that... 🙂

Additional information

Weight 0.06 kg
Dimensions 5 × 5 × 3 cm

#1 – 61.8×25.5×18.5MM, #2 – 50.3×39.3×32.2MM, #3 – 46×34.3×30.8MM, #4 – 30.3×25.9×20.5MM, #5 – 73×43.5×8.7MM, #6 – 43.9×29.7×21.4MM, #7 – 88.8×36.2×34.1MM, #8 – 33.7×32.7×22.2MM, #9 – 35.7×25.4×12.8MM