Marston Marble Specimens / Rough


Gorgeous contrasting Marston Marble specimens – white Ammonites in a grey matrix.



Marston Marble Specimens / Rough

These pieces are nice specimens – white Ammonites contrasting against a dark grey matrix.

Marston Marble is a particular favourite with lapidarists, not just fossil collectors. It looks amazing polished up – the contrast is great.

It is found in Marston Magna, Somerset – one of the UK’s best locales for quality Ammonite specimens.


  1. 33x28x8.5MM – single Ammonite impression
  2. 33x32x10MM – two worn Ammonites, broken
  3. 41×28.5x10MM – three or four Ammonite impressions.
  4. 37x23x9MM – two to three damaged Ammonites, one cut side.
  5. 26x24x15MM – multiple impressions and Ammonites, good contrast.
  6. 46.5x43x20MM – very nice piece with multiple Ammonites and good contrast. One side coated in worn Calcite druzy.
  7. 39.5x39x25MM – various Ammonites and impressions.



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