Cut and Polished Ammonites

Gorgeous cut and polished Ammonites from Madagascar, available in three different sizes.

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Cut and Polished Ammonites - Madagascar

An interesting way to show off a fossil - these cut and polished Ammonites show you the inside of the Ammonite fossil itself.

The inside section has been polished, giving you a look at the small Quartz or Calcite crystals which have formed inside the various chambers and sections of the fossil.

The back side has been left unpolished, and sometimes gives a look at the distinctive 'suture' pattern of Madagascan Ammonites. In some cases, these Ammonites may also have a slightly polished iridescent rear, as seen in our pictures.

We do offer quality grades of these Ammonites - the difference is pretty much in the internal structures. A grades are perfect spirals, B grades may have been damaged before or during the fossilisation process; they may also have less interesting colours. In some cases, the B grade may also have some small missing pieces or crystal voids. Don't worry, they're still awesome.

These Ammonites make excellent display pieces, due to their high polish. We hope to be able to sell some small display stands or cases for them soon.

Additional information

Weight 0.005 kg
Dimensions 3 × 3 × 0.5 cm

Grade A – 10-20MM, Grade A – 20-30MM, Grade A – 30-40MM, Grade A – 40-50MM, Grade A – 50-60MM, Grade B – 10-20MM, Grade B – 20-30MM, Grade B – 30-40MM, Grade B – 40-50MM, Grade B – 50-60MM

2 reviews for Cut and Polished Ammonites

  1. nickhall (verified owner)

    Lovely ammonites. Currently one is being mounted in silver to make a pendant.

  2. june grant (verified owner)

    lovely stones and quick service

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