Loose Otodus Sharks Tooth Fossils

A selection of Otodus teeth, fully fossilised. They are available in various sizes from 20MM to 70MM.


Loose Otodus Sharks Teeth

A selection of Otodus sharks teeth, fully fossilised. They are available in various sizes from 20MM to 70MM. All of these pieces are without a rock matrix and are sold as loose teeth. Currently, all of the Otodus teeth we sell are from Morocco.

Some of the larger pieces do have repairs - usually to the root of the tooth. These are quite visible, usually a slightly lighter cement than the root itself. In a lot of cases they will have some damage - usually missing one of the cusps of the tooth.

These are great for collectors, or could perhaps be wire wrapped, etc. They'd make reasonably nice necklaces, although some of them are sharp!

We do sell single teeth in a range of sizes - these are randomly picked from our stock. However, we also stock some nicer quality teeth that are of a very nice quality - these have individual photographs so you can see what you're buying.

Image credit:
Speculative reconstruction of Otodus courtesy of Nobu Tamura, via Wikimedia Commons.

Additional information

Weight 0.025 kg
Dimensions 15 × 10 × 2 cm

15-25MM, 25-35MM, 35-45MM, 45-55MM, 55-65MM, 65-75MM, 15-25MM, 5pcs, 25-35MM, 1pc, 35-45MM, 1pc, 45-55MM, 1pc, 55-65MM, 1pc, 65-75MM, 1pc, 15-25MM, 5pcs (Repaired), 25-35MM, 1pc (Repaired), 35-45MM, 1pc (Repaired), 45-55MM, 1pc (Repaired), 55-65MM, 1pc (Repaired), 65-75MM, 1pc (Repaired), #1 – 26.4×19.9×8.3MM, #2 – 25×28.3x8MM, #3 – 25.2x25x7.1MM, #4 – 23×24.7×7.4MM, #5 – 30.3×22.6×8.9MM, #6 – 31x22x9.3MM, #7 – 25×26.9×8.6MM, #8 – 29x25x9MM, #9 – MM, #10 – 23.6x25x7MM, #11 – 33.5×26.2×9.6MM, #12 – 25x27x8MM, #13 – 22.5×23.3×7.3MM, #14 – 38.5×30.2×12.4MM


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