Coral Cabochons (Fossil Coral)

Pick your own – a wide range of fossil Coral cabochons in various shapes and sizes.



Coral Cabochons (Fossil Coral cabochons)

These are gorgeous fossil Coral cabochons, in a range of shapes and sizes.

Check the pictures and the information below to choose the one you like the most (or ones!)

This product is a little different from most of our cabochons - you can choose the specific one you're interested in.

Our current stock includes:

  • Teardrop #1 (23x16MM)
  • Teardrop #4 (26x18MM)
  • Oval #3 (31.5x19MM)
  • Oval #8 (34x23MM)
  • Oval #11 (slightly rounded back)(23.5x16MM)
  • Oval #12 (slightly rounded back)(19x15MM)
  • Oval #13 (slightly rounded back)(24.5x17.5MM)
  • Oval #14 (slightly rounded back) (20.5x16.5MM)
  • Butterfly #1 (45x43MM)
  • Butterfly #2 (48x40MM)
  • Butterfly #3 (42x40MM)
  • Butterfly #4 (50X40MM)


Ideal for setting into statement rings, earrings, necklaces or pendants.

A lot of these pieces are absolutely perfect for wire wrappers - large statement pieces that contrast well with darkened or oxidised wire.


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