Agate Cabochons (Green Moss)

Green Moss Agate cabochons for jewellers, sold in a range of sizes and shapes – including oval and round.

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Green Moss Agate Cabochons

Interesting little Green Moss Agate cabochons, perfect for jewellers.

The smaller stones will be ideal for rings, earrings, pendants, or anything else you like! Larger pieces will likely appeal most to wire wrappers - we sell up to 40x30MM ovals.

Because of their colour, they make an excellent stone for nature inspired pieces. Some of the pieces are a darker green, with so many of the mossy inclusions that they are almost a flat mossy green.

Some pieces are clearer, with only a few of the mossy inclusions - I personally think these look nicer, but not always when set in jewellery. It depends on what you're making!

We offer these stones in two quality grades - Grade A and Grade B. Grade A stones are higher quality pieces - clear, with veined green inclusions - whereas the Grade B stones are often more or less green all the way through.

The pictures you see here are representative of the products and are usually not the exact item you will receive. Where various grades are available we do try to photograph each grade - but some photographs are still on their way!

6 reviews for Agate Cabochons (Green Moss)

  1. [email protected] (verified owner)

    I bought a 10mm Green Moss Agate Cabochon and was really pleased. It’s exactly what I wanted shiny and mossy. Thank you!

  2. Nicky Kelsey (verified owner)

    Lovely mossy green cabochons. Great flat shape.

  3. Laura Currie (verified owner)

    Very pretty, quality green moss agate

  4. Laura Currie (verified owner)

    My 2nd bulk purchase and I’m super pleased with them once again.

  5. catherine goodwin (verified owner)

    Lovely stones and good customer service.

  6. Kerri (verified owner)

    These are beautiful and great quality

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