Aventurine Cabochons (Green)


Gorgeous green Aventurine cabochons for jewellers.


Green Aventurine Cabochons

Pretty cabochons cut from green Aventurine. You can buy these in sizes from 4MM to a huge 40x30MM – perfect for rings, pendants, necklaces, and earrings.

These cabochons work well with natural inspired designs, because of their colour – think greens, browns, etc.

Due to its low price, Aventurine isn’t often set in gold, and is most often used with silver or base metals. Wire wrappers may find that it suits antiqued wires quite nicely, too.




For a full list of all the cabochons we sell, please see our main ‘Cabochons’ section.

We sell a range of Aventurine products too, including a lot of different colours. More details can be found at our ‘Aventurine’ section.


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