Aventurine for Jewellers

Our range of Aventurine for jewellers – not just green Aventurine, but occasionally other colours too. Aventurine can occur in yellows, whites, greens, peach, and reds – perhaps even more colours.

We sell a range of beads, cabochons, pendants and more – perfect for jewellery making.

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Aventurine is not considered a precious stone – and perhaps it wouldn’t even be considered a semi-precious stone.

Good quality Aventurine is used for cabochons and beads – the level of inclusions is a factor in the cutting process as too many inclusions can make the mineral brittle.

Aventurine can be faceted, but this is uncommon due to the complexity of facet cutting and the low market value and recognition of Aventurine. As an included stone with limited to no translucency, it is best cut en cabochon, but rose cut cabochons are available sometimes.