Iridescent Ammonites


Gorgeous iridescent Ammonites – these pieces are iridescent, and are sold in a range of sizes.


Iridescent Ammonites

Everyone loves Ammonites – these pieces have a stunning iridescent shine to the fossils shell. Ammonites are found throughout the world, but the source for many of ours is Madagascar; gemstone quality fossils with iridescence are found in the USA and Canada and are known as ‘Ammolite’.

We offer these lovely colourful Ammonites in two quality grades.

Our Grade B pieces will all have some iridescence, but it may only be in a smaller area. Some of the exterior shell may be missing, or there may be cracks and repairs on the surface of these fossils.

In the case of our Grade A fossils, there will be more, and better iridescence. Whether it is simply brighter, or covers more of the specimens..

Our Grade A pieces do often have cracks and marks on the surface – grade is largely dictated by the quality of the iridescence in this case.



We sell a range of Ammonites, including rough, cut, and polished fossils. Please see our Ammonites page for more information on the fossil and a list of our products.


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