Dinosaur Bone Cabochons


Lovely Dinosaur bone cabochons – choose your favourite!


Dinosaur Bone Cabochons – Pick your own.

Fossilised Dinosaur bone cabochons, perfect for wire wrappers and statement jewellers.

To be honest, if you’d asked me five years ago that I’d be writing a few paragraphs on dinosaur bone that has been cut for jewellery, I’d have laughed at you.

These are not the ‘jewellery’ grade type of dinosaur bone – they have relatively little colour. The pattern is fairly typical of the bones, but not the best example.

However, you are getting a lot of cabochon for the money here; some of them are huge! They’re also about the most unique selling point you can get..

This product is a little different from most of our cabochons – you can choose the specific one you’re interested in.





1 40 x 30 OVAL
2 59 x 44 OVAL
3 65 x 50 OVAL
4 64 x 48 OVAL
5 59 x 44 OVAL



Surprisingly enough, we don’t actually sell any other dino cabochons! We do, however, sell a wide range of dinosaur fossils – most of which are not cut or polished.

We do also sell a wide range of gemstone and semi precious cabochons.


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