Dinosaur Fossils

These ancient fossils are the preserved remains of ancient dinosaurs, from a wide range of species and subspecies.

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Information about Dinosaur Fossils

These fossils are gorgeous ancient specimens of the bones of dinosaurs – millions of years old, and turned to stone over the ages.

The words ‘dinosaur bone’ conjure up images of giant ribs suspended from the ceiling in a museum, but this is not always the case – there are many small pieces, or broken pieces of bone that can be found.

Teeth, bone fragments, bone pieces, and a wide range of other items can be found at reasonable prices – in the UK a large amount of our specimens come from the Isle of Wight.

They contain a range of minerals, which may include Hematite, Calcite, and Agate – the most desirable pieces of bone have many colours, and show the different cells and structures of the bone itself off beautifully. These pieces are often polished and sold as jewellery.

It is sometimes known as ‘petrified dinosaur bone’ or ‘fossilised dinosaur bone’. Americans may know it as ‘fossilized dinosaur bone’.

Spirituality and Crystal Healing with Dinosaur Fossils

Some people believe fossilised bone pieces have the ability to help heal with damaged or broken bones, or aid with bone and skeletal problems and ailments.

The bones are also said to take on the metaphysical healing properties of the minerals that have filled the bone.