Iguanodon Dinosaur Bone slices (Polished)

Lovely polished slices of Iguanodon Dinosaur bone, tremendously popular with British fossil collectors.



Polished Iguanodon Dinosaur Bone Slices

Lovely pieces of Iguanodon Dinosaur bone with one rough side and one polished side. These pieces come from the Wealden Clay - Lower Cretaceous of the Isle of Wight.

We have a few pieces in stock; they all have a rough side and a polished side. They generally have spongy bone on both sides, so its a nice way of demonstrating the fossil.

  • #1 - 60x48.5x7MM
  • #2 - 62.5x41x8MM
  • #3 - 56x32.5x9.2MM
  • #4 - 65x54.5x9.5MM
  • #5 - 68x42.5x7MM


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