Aquamarine and Garnet in Feldspar

Gorgeous specimens of Aquamarine and Garnet in Feldspar.

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Aquamarine and Garnet in Feldspar

A gorgeous specimen filled with beautiful crystals. The dark red Garnets contrast really nicely against the Feldspar, typically with a pale Aquamarine crystal. These make a truly special addition to any mineral collection. Typically these pieces also include some Quartz, Tourmaline, or Mica.

These specimens are all from Skardu, Pakistan.

    • #1 - 36x36x22MM - a nice piece with a single pale Aquamarine crystal. Very aesthetic.
    • #2 - 60x50x28MM - a nice piece with a few well developed Garnets and a single pale Aquamarine crystal.
    • #3 - 93x70x54MM - a large piece with a huge Aquamarine crystal running through it. It has numerous patches of Garnet crystals and Mica, and a small amount of Quartz.
    • #4 - 66x38x42MM - a single well defined Garnet sitting on a Feldspar matrix. It has a small patchy blue Aquamarine crystal, a patch of Mica and Tourmaline, and numerous Quartz crystals.
    • #5 - 39x33.7x22.6MM - numerous gemmy Garnets sit on top of a Feldspar matrix - there are plenty of patches of black Tourmaline and a single very pale Aquamarine crystal that barely even shows up in the photos.
    • #6 - 31x29.7x18MM - numerous gemmy Garnets on a Feldspar matrix. This piece has a large Mica topping and one pale Aquamarine crystal!

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#1 – 36x36x22MM – Skardu, Pakistan, #2 – 60x50x28MM – Skardu, Pakistan, #3 – 93x70x54MM – Skardu, Pakistan, #4 – 66x38x42MM – Skardu, Pakistan, #5 – 39×33.7×22.6MM – Skardu, Pakistan, #6 – 31×29.7x18MM – Skardu, Pakistan


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