Garnet, Faceted (Almandine)

Gorgeous faceted Garnets, perfect for jewellers. A decent grade of Garnet, nice and clear with a good colour.

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Faceted Garnet

Gorgeous red faceted Garnet stones, perfect for jewellers. These pieces are generally a decent grade of Garnet, nice and clear with a good colour. Typically, these are Almandine Garnets but may sometimes be Pyrope. It depends on the stock we can get at this price point.

These would make a nice stone for a ring, pendant, or a pair would make a great set for some stud earrings.

Because these are calibrated stones, you don't need to worry about their size - they are checked to be as close as possible, not hand cut free forms.

Speaking of the sizes - we sell anything from 3MM to 18x13MM faceted stones!

Additional information

Weight 0.005 kg
Dimensions 2 × 2 × 1 cm
Shape and Size

5x7MM Teardrop, 1pc, 9x6MM Teardrop, 1pc, 2-3MM Round, 5pcs, 2.5MM Round, 1pc, 3MM Round, 1pc, 4MM Round, 1pc, 5MM Round, 1pc, 6MM Round, 1pc, 8MM Round, 1pc, 10MM Round, 1pc, 4x3MM Oval, 1pc, 6x4MM Oval, 1pc, 7x5MM Oval, 1pc, 7x5MM Oval (A Grade), 1pc, 8x6MM Oval, 1pc, 10x8MM Oval, 1pc, 11x9MM Oval, 1pc, 14x10MM Oval, 1pc, 5MM Cushion cut, 1pc, 5MM Square, 1pc, 5MM Heart shaped, 1pc

1 review for Garnet, Faceted (Almandine)

  1. Graham (verified owner)

    Fabulous stones – delighted with the quality

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