Garnet Crystals (Almandine)

Gorgeous little Garnet crystal specimens, intended as a display piece.

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Almandine Garnet Crystals

Gorgeous little Garnet crystals, intended as a display piece.

Because these are fairly low grade pieces, the colours are quite dark. Garnet is known for being red, but these are very dark, almost black. If you shine a light through them, you'll see a lovely red hue, though.

Currently, we offer Almandine Garnets from a few locales around the world.

  • Jaipur, India - including some huge crystals around 70MM!
  • Fauske, Norway
  • Skardu, Pakistan
  • Mixed locales - typically India/Sri Lanka
  • 4ct packet of mixed location Garnets, measuring 2-4MM approximately. There are around 50-70 Garnets in the packet.
  • Poor quality Iron-stained Garnets from India.

The pictures you see here are representative of the products and are usually not the exact item you will receive. Where various grades are available we do try to photograph each grade - but some photographs are still on their way!

1 review for Garnet Crystals (Almandine)

  1. Elitetjb (verified owner)

    I bought twenty pieces of garnet for my Viking Gemstone display. The stones I received were as pictured – I had hoped that they may be more reddish, but that is likely my unrealistic expectations. The stones are almost black they are so dark a red, and let no light through whatsoever, except at the edges. Still, Rough garnet – that is what I wanted and that is what I got. Perfect for the Display.

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