Tourmalinated Quartz

Not to be confused with Rutilated Quartz, this stone has dark or black needle-like crystal inclusions of Tourmaline growing through it.

It is usually sold polished, to really show off the inclusions. Less clear pieces are usually tumbled.

These inclusions create a striking appearance of black needles or strands within the clear or translucent quartz crystal.

The black tourmaline needles or strands may be fine or thick, and they can run parallel or criss-cross within the quartz.

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Appearance, Uses and History

Tourmaline included Quartz is pretty much exclusively used as a decorative stone, whether it is cut for jewellery or kept as a mineral specimen.

Essentially, this material consists of Tourmaline growing inside, outside, or through Quartz crystals.

The most prized material tends to be growths of Tourmaline ‘needles’ growing inside Quartz crystals, or well defined Tourmaline crystals growing on a Quartz matrix.

The most common material tends to be black Tourmaline, otherwise known as Schorl. Schorl in Tourmaline is relatively inexpensive, except in the highest qualities.

Tourmaline included Quartz is often used for beads or cut into cabochons, although it is rarely faceted.


It is important to make a distinction between ‘tourmaline in quartz’ and ‘rutile in quartz’. Rutile is a form of Titanium with golden needles, whereas Tourmaline is typically black or another colour.

However, a visual examination of internal inclusions will not be conclusive to guarantee the inclusions are Tourmaline – there are other needle like inclusions which occur in a range of colours, including black.



A significant amount of Tourmaline included Quartz comes from Brazil, with other locales known in Germany, Switzerland, India, Sri Lanka, Madagascar, Pakistan and the USA.


A form of Quartz with inclusions of Tourmaline, sometimes known as ‘schorl’.
The chemical formula would, therefore, be SiO2 with (Na or CA)1(Mg,Li,Al and/or Fe2+)3Al6(BO3)3Si6O18(OH)4
Colours and Variations
Clear with black inclusions, or white with black inclusions.
Will depend on the area of the stone, as it is comprised of two minerals.
Will depend on the area of the stone, as it is comprised of two minerals.
Will depend on the area of the stone, as it is comprised of two minerals.
The Quartz may be opaque to transparent, the Tourmaline inclusions may be opaque to transparent but transparent Tourmaline crystals are rare.
Crystal habit
Tourmaline inclusions in Quartz crystals.
Mohs hardness
Specific Gravity
2.65 approx, will vary.
Easiest testing method
A visual inspection should be definitive, although it will not be possible to guarantee the inclusions are Tourmaline and not another mineral.
Common Treatments
None known.

Hazards and Warnings

Almost all rocks, minerals (and, frankly, almost all other substances on earth) can produce toxic dust when cutting, which can cause serious respiratory conditions including silicosis.

When cutting or polishing rocks, minerals, shells, etc, all work should be done wet to minimise the dust, and a suitable respirator or extraction system should be used.


It is worth pointing out that ‘tourmalanated’ and ‘tourmalinated’ are portmanteaus – combined words. They are unlikely to translate into other languages well, if at all.

Therefore the translations below only cover ‘tourmaline in quartz’ and ‘tourmaline included quartz’.


  • التورمالين في الكوارتز


  • क्वार्ट्ज में टूमलाइन
  • टूमलाइन में क्वार्ट्ज शामिल थे


  • turmalina em quartzo
  • turmalina incluída quartzo



  • turmalin dalam kuarsa
  • turmalin termasuk kuarsa



  • tourmaline in quartz
  • tourmalinated quartz
  • tourmaline included quartz
  • tourmalated quartz


  • tormalina in quarzo
  • tormalina inclusa quarzo


  • турмалин в кварце
  • турмалин включен кварц


  • quartz tourmaliné
  • tourmaliné incluse quartz


  • クォーツのトルマリン
  • トルマリン入りクォーツ


  • turmalina en cuarzo
  • turmalina incluido cuarzo


  • Turmalin in Quarz
  • Turmalin enthalten Quarz


  • 쿼츠 전기석
  • 전기석 포함 석영


  • ทัวร์มาลีนในควอตซ์
  • ทัวร์มาลีนรวมควอตซ์


Mandarin and Traditional Chinese:

  • 石英电气石
  • 石英電氣石
  • 电气石含石英
  • 電氣石含石英


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