Tourmaline specimens (Green in Quartz)

Lovely specimen pieces of green Tourmaline in a Quartz matrix.


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Green Tourmaline in Quartz

Lovely specimen pieces of green Tourmaline in a Quartz matrix.

These do have quite a decent amount of Tourmaline in!

Our current stock includes:

Specimens from Skardu, Pakistan

A nice bright green Tourmaline on pretty clear-white Quartz; the only issue I have with this material is that the Quartz matrix isn't as stable as I'd like.

  • #1 - 74.6x34.4x19.5MM - half a Quartz point with at least two tourmaline crystals - one as an inclusion, one external. It is translucent to transparent and appears to be covered in a white clay or Quartz growth.
  • #2 - 19.6x12.4x10MM - a small fragment of a larger piece; I think this piece will make a nice micromount for someone as there's plenty going on.
  • #3 - 40.1x28.5x23.2MM - a reasonably sized piece with plenty of green Tourmaline over bright white Quartz. Translucent to opaque.
  • #4 - 112x74.8x61.3MM - a small cabinet piece about the size of my fist. While this is a nice piece, it contains some Mica which seems to be making the matrix quite fragile. Weighs just over half a kilo (545g).


Because these are natural pieces, the amount of inclusions will differ, as will the size, shape, and colour of the piece - please take a careful look at the photos. In some cases we sell pieces purely by size, these are smaller and it isn't hugely worth taking the time to photograph them individually.

Additional information

Weight 0.2 kg
Dimensions 5 × 7 × 5 cm

#1 – 74.6×34.4×19.5MM, Skardu, Pakistan, #2 – 19.6×12.4x10MM, Skardu, Pakistan, #3 – 40.1×28.5×23.2MM, Skardu, Pakistan, #4 – 112×74.8×61.3MM, Skardu, Pakistan


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