Quartz necklaces (Tourmalinated)

Gorgeous Tourmalinated Quartz necklaces, beaded and beautiful.


Quartz necklaces (Tourmalinated)

Gorgeous black and white tourmalinated Quartz necklaces, soon to be sold in a few different shapes and sizes. Our current stock consists of chip necklaces. This material is often known as Tourmaline in Quartz.

The clasps are generally base metal - silver plated brass, stainless steel, etc. They are good strong necklaces, made with a strong inner cord of plastic. They don't stretch, so make sure your size is right!

Our current stock includes:

  • Single tied strands of Tourmalinated Quartz chip beads measuring 80CM/32" approximately. These are intended to be worn over the head and do not have a clasp or stretch. They are shown doubled over on our wooden bust, as it is a lot smaller than a regular humans neck - but they will not be long enough to double over on you.
  • 16" chip beaded necklaces with a lobster clasp


Please be aware, we have a few of these in stock - the item in the photograph is usually not the one you'll receive (although it may be!).

Additional information

Weight 0.03 kg
Dimensions 5 × 5 × 1 cm

16" chip beaded necklace with a lobster clasp, Chip beads – 80CM/32"


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