Tourmaline (Black) on Quartz specimens


Lovely specimen pieces of Black Tourmaline on Quartz, often from Brazil.


Black Tourmaline on Quartz specimens

Lovely quality specimen pieces of black Tourmaline on Quartz. These pieces are typically from Brazil, and are a pretty good mineral specimen!

The contrast of the black Tourmaline with the white Quartz is typically quite good, as you can see by the photos.

Because these are natural pieces, the amount of Tourmaline inclusions or the amount of Quartz matrix can vary. In some cases, there may be more Tourmaline than Quartz.

The crystals themselves may not always be this distinct, either. It really does depend on both locale and how they formed.



For more information about Tourmaline, please feel free to check out our main Tourmaline page.


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