Agate with fluid inclusions

Small Agate specimens with fluid inclusions, often sold as ‘enhydro Agate’.

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Agate with fluid inclusions

Rare Agate specimens with fluid inclusions – these are commonly sold as enhydro Agate.

What is a fluid inclusion? A small cavity filled with water or other liquid inside a stone or crystal piece. It may have a bubble or two, or some other material inside.

This is different from an enhydro specimen – which is a rock with porous walls into which water may have seeped recently. Fluid inclusions are ancient.

The best way to view these inclusions is to place the crystal directly in front of a bright light source and move it around very slowly.


#1: 17 grams – 45x27x17MM approx, from Indonesia. A small piece with one polished side and an extremely large two phase inclusion – liquid with a large gas bubble. I would estimate the water filled void is around 25MM long, and the gas bubble is around 10MM.



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Why don’t I call these pieces ‘enhydro Quartz or Agate’? 


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