Agate Slices/Slabs (Thick)


Gorgeous thick slices of Agate, perfect as decorative pieces.


Thick polished Agate Slices

These polished Agate slices make a great display piece. These are significantly thicker than most Agate slices, typically 10-20MM thick; they are used as a decoration.

As with all Agate, dye treatments are common, but can be very hard to detect.

These pieces are not something we stock often and were purchased as part of a collection. We do not have a wholesale source at these prices.

These pieces all have a layer of felt or similar on the base – to stop them scratching furniture. Unfortunately, this material is not very hardy and by the time these slices reach us the felt bases generally aren’t in great condition.


Our current stock includes:

  • #1 – a reddy brown banded piece measuring 166x105x20MM approximately, and weighing 660 grams.
  • #2 – a reddy orange piece measuring 128x121x19.5MM approximately, and weighing 560 grams.
  • #3 – a mixed up piece with greys, browns, and whites measuring 143.5x117x24MM approximately, and weighing 760 grams.
  • #4 – a red and grey slab measuring 122x110x18MM approximately, and weighing 410 grams.
  • #5 – an orangey-red slab measuring 125x120x20MM approximately and weighing 565 grams.
  • #6 – a gorgeous mix of lighter and darker shades, measuring 147x135x22MM and weighing 820 grams.
  • #7 – a nice orange-red piece, measuring 116x112x21MM and weighing 470 grams.
  • #8 – a mixed up piece, with reds, oranges, and almost grey areas, measuring 165×134.5x22MM and weighing 860 grams. The felt base is in poor condition.


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