Pyritic Ammonites from Charmouth

Various pyritic Ammonites from Charmouth, typically Promicroceras.

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Pyritic Ammonite specimens from Charmouth

Various pyritic Ammonites from Charmouth, typically Promicroceras. These pieces are typically brushed with a brass brush to give them a golden shine - however, we often stock pieces as they are found, so you have the choice of whether to brush them or not.

These Ammonites are found on the beaches around Lyme Regis and Charmouth, although the sheer amount of fossil hunters can render finding them quite difficult without a tour or experience!

These pieces are usually supplied with silica gel - we recommend keeping the sachet with the fossil and not storing them in a humid environment.


Currently, our stock comprises of:

  • #1 - 16.6x14.4x3.9MM - a smaller piece with some nice detail in the centre.
  • #2 - 14.1x11.9x4MM - a nice small piece with good details except for the centre.
  • #3 - 14.4x12.5x8MM - an interesting wider Ammonite, quite thick.
  • #4 - 10x8.5x3.8MM - nice smaller piece, sadly a little weathered.
  • #5 - 12.7x10.4x5MM - nicely detailed piece.
  • #6 - 10x8.2x3.6MM - nicely detailed cute little piece.
  • #7 - 29.5x19x8MM - three partial Ammonites on a matrix piece.
  • #8 - 16.1x13.4x5.2MM - a nicely detailed partially brassy piece.
  • #9 - a packet of six lower quality or damaged Ammonites from Charmouth.
  • #10 - a packet of six lower quality or damaged Ammonites from Charmouth.
  • #11 - 27x23.5x6.5MM - a nice specimen with visible sutures but sadly some damage to the centre.
  • #12 - 34.5x28x9.5MM - an odd little piece with some possible bite damage; it is missing its centre entirely.
  • #13 - 27x22.2x5MM - a mostly complete piece with some damage and weathering, good sutures visible though.
  • #14 - 17.4x12.8x6.5MM - a cool specimen with some well formed Pyrite crystals on its face.
  • #15 - 30.7x22.4x9.6MM - a cracked Pyrite nodule with at least two Ammonites in.
  • #16 - 25x16x14.5MM - a reasonably well detailed Ammonite in the midst of a nodule.
  • #17 - 29.5x22x10.5MM - at least two smaller Ammonites sitting atop a larger one.
  • #18 - 19.5x16x6.3MM - a pretty well preserved specimen with good sutures visible.
  • #19 - 17.5x15x5.8MM - a reasonably detailed piece with a little weathering.
  • #20 - 15.2x12.8x5.2MM - a heavily weathered and damaged piece.
  • #21 - 17x12.5x4.3MM - a heavily weathered and damaged piece.
  • #22 - 15.8x12.6x4.7MM - a heavily weathered and damaged piece.
  • #23 - 7.8x6.5x3MM - a nice condition piece, albeit on the small side!
  • #24 - 16x13x4.3MM - a heavily weathered piece with some evidence of having been crushed.
  • #25 - 15x13x5.1MM - of particular interest is the missing piece - possibly a sign of predation.
  • #A1 - 11x9x4.2MM - decent specimen with one unfortunate large crack on the coil.
  • #A2 - 10x8.3x3.8MM - a nicely detailed specimen.
  • #A3 - 8.7x7.3x3.3MM - a well defined specimen.
  • #A4 - 9x7x3.3MM - cute little specimen with some damage.
  • #A6 - 8.8x7.3x3MM - a nice specimen but a little weathered.
  • #A7 - 18.7x14.5x6.6MM - almost perfect on one side, with some weathering - the rear has a lot of matrix.
  • #A8 - 36.3x30.6x8.5MM - a nice large Ammonite with a missing centre. It looks as though someone has attempted to repair this, so there may still be some glue residue in the centre.
  • #A9 - 84.5x61.5x28MM - a very large Pyrite nodule with visible whorl fragments.
  • #A10 - 39x34x19.5MM - two Ammonites in a pyritic nodule.
  • #A11 - 34x29.5x14.5MM - a crushed Ammonite in a nodule; possibly Eodoreceras.
  • #A12 - 16x12.7x6.9MM - a weathered but intact piece showing sutures.
  • #A13 - 15x12.5x5.1MM - a smaller piece with some matrix remaining.
  • #A14 - 13.5x11x4.8MM - a damaged piece with some matrix.
  • #A15 - 13x11x4.3MM - a smaller piece with some matrix remaining.
  • #A16 - 69x55.5x17.4MM - possibly Eoderoceras. It is eroded and has large pyrite areas with little detail.

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