Promicroceras Ammonites on Matrix


Promicroceras Ammonites on their original matrix stone.


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Promicroceras Ammonites on Matrix

These gorgeous Promicroceras Ammonites are gathered in Lyme Regis and Charmouth. They are typically Calcite replaced, which means they have a quite ‘gemmy’ translucent appearance, usually with a nice orangey-brown colouration.

We currently have a few specimens available – they’re quite nice ones too! Click the specimen name in the dropdown for a photo.


  • Specimen #1 – 100x60x18MM – sold
  • Specimen #2 – 70x50x12MM – sold
  • Specimen #3 – 100x85x35MM – a complete piece on matrix stone.
  • Specimen #4 – 48x28x7MM – several small fragments of Ammonites on matrix.
  • Specimen #5 – 41.5×31.5x13MM – one mostly complete Ammonite on matrix, with numerous fragments.


We sell a range of Ammonites, including rough, cut, and polished fossils. Please see our Ammonites page for more information on the fossil and a list of our products.


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