Mookaite beads


Temporarily strung Mookaite beads. Perfect for jewellers and beaders!

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Mookaite beads

Gorgeous Mookaite beads, which will arrive temporarily strung. This is purely for storage and shipping – you can remove the beads from the string by just cutting a single knot off.

These beads are typically various colours – creams, whites, yellows, oranges, reds and browns are common.


They have a lovely contrast against silver findings, and lighter beads – although this does depend on which colour Mookaite bead!




For more information about Mookaite, and a full list of all of our related products, please see our main ‘Mookaite’ section.

We do sell a range of other gemstone beads, too – see our main ‘Beads’ section.


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You may be interested in just how many of these beads fit on each strand we sell!

The table below should give you some idea. Every number and every strand is approximate, though. You might get a 39CM strand, or have one or two larger or smaller beads.

2MM Round BeadsApproximately 200 beads per 40CM strand.3MM Round BeadsApproximately 135 beads per 40CM strand.
4MM Round BeadsApproximately 100 beads per 40CM strand.5MM Round BeadsApproximately 80 beads per 40CM strand.
6MM Round BeadsApproximately 66 beads per 40CM strand.7MM Round BeadsApproximately 55 beads per 40CM strand.
8MM Round BeadsApproximately 48 beads per 40CM strand.9MM Round BeadsApproximately 45 beads per 40CM strand.
10MM Round BeadsApproximately 40 beads per 40CM strand.11MM Round BeadsApproximately 37 beads per 40CM strand.
12MM Round BeadsApproximately