Mastodon bone bead strands

A bit of an oddity, carved Mastodon bone beads on temporary strands.

They are about 1.8 million years old and come from the region around the Solo River, East Java, Indonesia.

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Mastodon bone bead strands for jewellery making

A bit of an oddity - these are carved Mastodon bone beads on temporary strands. I say Mastodon, but it is possible the bone/ivory used comes from fossils of Stegadon, Mastodon, or Mammoth. They are around about 1.8 million years old and come from the region around the Solo River, East Java, Indonesia.

As they are sold through agents it can be a little difficult to get any more precise information than that - the agents speak limited English and know little about fossils, and the miners/collectors typically do not speak any English - to be fair, I do not speak any Malay/Indonesian and I am constantly impressed by anyone who manages to be bi-lingual.

These beads come on a strand thats around 60CM long, and measure between 8-16MM each. The strands contain around 35-50 beads each.

MAY 2024: I have a single strand of these left and cannot get any more for the foreseeable future.


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Weight 0.08 kg
Dimensions 15 × 10 × 3 cm
Size and Shape

Dyed pink, around 40 pearls – 6-8MM, Dyed purple, around 50 pearls – 6-8MM, Dyed blue, around 55 pearls – 6-8MM

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  1. Ange Lee (verified owner)

    I received an email today from AF&I asking if my recent purchase of these and a few other items were ok and invited to write a review. Well, the fact that I received these Mastodon beads, took one look, came back to the website and bought another strand straight away, says it all! Lovely beads and as a jewellery who loves to work with fossils and natural materials, these are perfect, lovely size and weight and with some beautiful subtle colour! Made a pendant within days of receiving them and cannot wait to make more. Excellent product and highly recommend.

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