A fairly rare mineral, found in only one location, ‘Mooka Station’, in the Kennedy Ranges of Western Australia.

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Information about Mookaite

Found in only one location worldwide, it is not easy to get detailed and accurate information on this mineral.

Technically speaking, it is a Radiolarite, a silica based form of rock made of the ancient skeletons of Radiolarians.

Radiolarite rocks are found in a few places worldwide – in this case, the stone is multicoloured, and due to its silicon content, can range from being Opaline to Chalcedonic.

It is common to find fossils and fossil impressions when mining the stone – the impressions of ancient seacreatures, from when large parts of Western Australia were underwater – as evidenced by their coral reef mountain ranges.

It is sometimes referred to as Mooakite, Mookaite Jasper, Mook Jasper or Mookite.

Spirituality and Crystal Healing with Mookaite

It is believed to be a healing stone, possibly based on the name of the stone – ‘Mooka’ means ‘running waters’ in the Aborigine language of the area, and is thought to refer to the springs which feed the river of the Mooka Creek where it is found.

It is supposed to be good for your mental state, creating a stable frame of mind – allowing you better respond to change, and take opportunities without worrying.