Hildoceras Ammonites

Nice Hildoceras ammonite fossils, primarily from the UK.

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Hildoceras Ammonite fossils from the UK

Hildoceras Ammonite fossils, collected from a few locales around the UK.

Hildoceras is often found in Whitby, along with Dactylioceras. I believe the Hildoceras genus is named after St. Hilda, a former abbess of the Whitby Abbey, which stands ruined atop a cliff overlooking the beach and the town.


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  • #1 - 93.5x82.5x38.5MM - from Whitby, North Yorkshire, UK. Would benefit from further preperation - this piece is part pyritised. It may look good when prepped from the unexposed rear, or possibly even sliced in half if the pyritisation continues throughout.

Hildoceras sketch courtesy of Nobu Tamura, via Wikimedia Commons.

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Dimensions 20 × 15 × 5 cm

#1 – 93.5×82.5×38.5MM – Whitby, UK


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