Garnet in Aquamarine specimens

Fantastic Aquamarine crystals with Garnet and Tourmaline inclusions.


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Garnet in Aquamarine specimens

A really interesting one here, and rare too.

These are pieces of Aquamarine with Garnet and often some minor Tourmaline inclusions - crystals of spessartine Garnet growing inside the Aquamarine.
They all come from Shigar, Skardu, Pakistan. Best viewed under a microscope or a loupe; not all of the garnets are at the surface so angling and magnification can be a little tricky. I've included some close up photos in the gallery.

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#3 – 14.8×10.9×9.1MM, #4 – 10.8×10.4×7.5MM, #5 – 18.6×17.5×10.8MM, #6 – 18.4×16.3×13.5MM


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