Heliodor Specimens

Small pieces of Heliodor from all around the world, otherwise known as yellow Beryl.


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Heliodor Specimens (Yellow Beryl)

Nice little pieces of yellow Beryl from all around the world. These Heliodor specimens are great for adding to a collection - maybe collecting every colour of Beryl!

We frequently stock pieces from Brazil, Madagascar, and Vietnam - with occasional specimens from elsewhere.

While Heliodor is defined as yellow Beryl, I often find it to be a yellow-green colour. The yellow colour is caused by irradiation - whether this is natural or unnatural (done in a lab).


Our current stock includes:

  • Translucent crystal fragments from Madagascar
  • Reasonable colour and clarity crystal fragments from Ninh Thuan province, Vietnam
  • Low grade translucent to opaque fragments from Minas Gerais, Brazil.

Additional information

Weight 0.015 kg
Dimensions 3 × 5 × 2 cm

Madagascar – 5-10MM random pick, Madagascar – 10-15MM random pick, Madagascar – 15-20MM random pick, Madagascar – 20-25MM random pick, Vietnam – 5-10MM random pick, Vietnam – 10-15MM random pick, Vietnam – 15-20MM random pick, Vietnam – 20-25MM random pick, Brazil – 5-10MM random pick, 1pc, Brazil – 10-15MM random pick, 1pc, Brazil – 15-20MM random pick, 1pc


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