Cameo Shell Cabochons

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Lovely cameo shell cabochons, a vintage throwback for most jewellers!


Cameo Shell Cabochons

Cameo shell cabochons are cut from a single piece of shell.

Different layers of the shell are different colours, which allows carvers to overlay a design onto a different coloured background.

Different shells have been used throughout time, as cameos have been popular for many years. There are also other types carved from various other materials – Agate, Onyx, etc.

We won’t have too many Cameos in stock, as they are handmade! The few that we do have in stock sometimes are all vintage.

We currently have a single piece in stock, measuring 55x40x10MM approximately – it is not 10MM thick but it is a curved shape which makes measuring it almost impossible. I suspect the actual cameo is 3-4MM thick in most places but this varies due to the style of carving. It is really nicely detailed, with good colours.


Our stocks of Cameo shells are really quite limited; although we do sometimes have pieces of jewellery with cameos in.

We do also sell a wide range of gemstone and semi precious cabochons.


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