Opal Cabochons (Ethiopian Welo)

Gorgeous Ethiopian Welo Opal cabochons, sold singly or in packs.

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Ethiopian Welo Opal Cabochons

Gorgeous Welo Opal Cabochons - these will look amazing when properly set into jewellery, or inlaid into woodwork. They have a wide range of coloured fire - you will receive a random assortment if you order a packet.

There is a wide variety of base colour in these opals - some are close to transparent, most are an orange shade, and some are darker.

Welo Opals have a stunning bright fire, in a wide range of colours - blues, greens, oranges, reds and aqua colours are common. We have tried to show a large amount of these cabochons in our photographs, in order to show the variations in size and colours.

1 review for Opal Cabochons (Ethiopian Welo)

  1. Laura Currie (verified owner)

    Gorgeous! I would recommend.

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