Opal Specimens – Hyalite (Opal-AN)

Gorgeous specimen pieces of Hyalite opal.

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Hyalite Opal Specimens

Available in a few different sizes, these are specimens of distinctive Hyalite Opal.

It has an interesting glassy appearance - almost like someone has melted glass onto a matrix. Because of this, it is sometimes confused with glass, fake opal, or resin.


PLEASE NOTE: the green colour is fluorescence, this occurs under a bright UV light, not in regular daylight!

The pieces may be daytime fluorescent on sunny days, though.


Our current stock is from the new find at San Luis Potosí and is some of the most gemmy Hyalite we've ever had in stock - more pictures are on the way shortly as this is seriously good quality stock.

These pieces are all fluorescent.

  • Specimens from the find at San luis Potosí, Mexico, sold in an A and B grade and various sizes.
  • #1 - 19x18.3x9.2MM - an interesting piece with needle like inclusions, possibly Tourmaline or Apatite or a similar mineral.
  • #2 - 23.1x18.3x17.2MM - a very nice specimen with good UV fluorescence. It is almost water clear in most areas.
  • #3 - 24.7x14.8x12MM - a piece with nice fluorescence which does unfortunately have a fair few spots of clay/mud and other inclusions.
  • #4 - 20x15.8x6.5MM - a small but extremely clear piece with excellent form and good fluorescence under UV light. Will make a great thumbnail specimen.
  • #5 - 27.7x15.8x7.75MM - a small piece with some inclusions and dirt but a strong fluorescence.
  • #6 -
  • #7 - 22.3x19.65x13MM - a piece for those who like inclusions - it has some mossy looking inclusions, possibly chlorite.
  • #8 -
  • #9 - 24.4x14.9x9.9MM - a fairly nice mostly clear piece with some cloudy areas. I've been told this looks a bit like slimer from Ghostbusters, and now you have too.
  • #10 - 15.7x13.4x13MM - a partially clear specimen with some white patches and clouding to it. There is also a large grey-black patch on one side.
  • #11 - 29x23.8x21.2MM - a reasonably clear piece with some inclusions and imperfections.
  • #12 - 28.2x23x9MM - a partially clear, partially opaque specimen with good fluorescence.
  • #13 - 47.3x23.5x14.2MM - a great specimen - mostly very clear with a few opaque areas and a few small dirt inclusions.
  • #14 - 24.9x14x.2x12.9MM - a nice clear specimen with some small areas of clay/dirt along the seams. Very nice shapes to it.
  • #15 - 18.7x14x10.8MM - a small but very nice specimen - very clear with good fluorescence. There are several small areas of dirt or clay trapped inside.
  • #16 - 13.1x12.6x12.4MM - a small micromount sized specimen with good fluorescence. It's almost entirely clear and has good crystal formation.
  • #17 - 19.5x15.6x12MM - a nice small piece, almost entirely clear with some minor clouding and a patch or two of dirt.
  • #18 - 31.9x19.8x13.1MM - a very nicely formed specimen with good botryoidal shapes all over it. It does have several small areas of inclusions and dirt.
  • #19 - 31x30.8x18.6MM - a slightly larger piece with excellent form. It has some small opaque areas and the fluorescence isn't as bright as some of the others.
  • #20 - 28.5x20.1x14.8MM - a nice piece with good UV fluorescence. It has several areas of dirt/clay inclusions.
  • #21 - 29.8x22.8x13.9MM - an odd piece, mostly clear except for an area with iron staining on the top.
  • #23 - 26.7x17.9x16.2MM - great shape, clarity, and fluorescence, whats not to love?
  • #24 - 21.3x19.5x9.3MM - little bit of clouding but the formation is good and the fluorescence is good too.
  • #25 - 27.3x26.1x16MM - not the clearest piece, but a fairly large, fairly bright piece.
  • #26 - 23x15.7x14.8MM - a nice piece, good formation and fluorescence.
  • #27 - 24.4x18.8x13.4MM - a little bit of iron staining and some clouding but still a nice piece.
  • #28 - 29.4x15.5x14MM - excellent little piece, bright green fluorescence.
  • #29 - 31.2x15.4x11.5MM - nice clarity and a good shape.
  • #30 - 32.2x18x14.3MM - a nice enough piece with some clouding and some clear areas.
  • #31 - 22.1x15.5x12.5MM - a bright green fluorescence to this piece, but unfortunately some dirt trapped inside a crack.
  • #32 - 23.4x12.2x8.1MM - a nice clear piece, fluorescent with a series of cracks across the surface.
  • #33 - 26.5x20.5x10.4MM - nice and clear, with a few small clouded areas.
  • #34 - 22x14.5x10.3MM - an excellent piece, nice and clear with bright green fluorescence.
  • #35 - 25x16.5x10.5MM - a good specimen with some clouding and inclusions.
  • #36 - 20x19.2x16.6MM - a bright green piece with some inclusions and clouding, little bit of iron staining.
  • #37 - 20.8x14.5x13.5MM - a bright green piece with some inclusions and clouding.
  • #38 - 17.2x15.9x8.8MM - a fairly cloudy piece, but a cool one - it's basically a flat amount of clouding so it looks almost like smoke.
  • #39 - 21.3x13.8x6.8MM - a thin, clear piece with crackling across the surface.
  • #40 - 18x10.1x7MM - a nice bright piece, very clear.
  • #41 - 33.2x15.4x11.3MM - a good quality piece with good fluorescence.


These pieces do have a strong fluorescence under UV light, which is what tends to be popular with the collectors of this type of Opal.

In some rare cases these specimens do exhibit play of colour, too. The main sources of this type of Opal are the eastern United States, and eastern Europe, with some exceptional quality pieces found in the Czech Republic.

Hyalite is sometimes also known as 'water Opal', 'jalite' and 'Mullers glass'.

The pictures you see here are representative of the products and are usually not the exact item you will receive. Where various grades are available we do try to photograph each grade - but some photographs are still on their way!

Frequently asked questions and delivery information

How do we grade stones?

There is no overall universal grading system for the majority of our products. As such, the grades we use are internal only. They simply refer to higher and lower qualities, but they may be entirely different grades to other websites. C grade pieces are of lower quality than B grade, which is lower than A grade.


How does our ordering and delivery process work?

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I get tracking information etc online when this has been completed. I typically do not send tracking information to customers unless they request it – but if you’ve requested tracked postage, it has been sent tracked! If you have any worries or concerns about your parcel being delayed please feel free to get in touch and I’ll send the tracking info over! We also get delivery confirmations for parcels over 25MM thick by default.


How do international orders work?

After Brexit, with the UK leaving the European Union, certain things have changed with regards to international orders. European Union customers will now likely be liable to pay the same amount of import VAT as any other international customers. You will be responsible for any customs and import fees.


I’d like to return my order for a refund.

No problem at all – just get in touch and we’ll arrange it. You can read our full returns policy here.


What payment methods do you accept?

I can accept Paypal, Stripe, cheque, and direct bank transfers. Paypal and Stripe will both allow you to pay with credit and debit cards.


1 review for Opal Specimens – Hyalite (Opal-AN)

  1. Antonios Andreou (verified owner)

    Glows very bright with my weak UV torch, looks great, brilliant sample

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