Opal Cabochons (Australian White)

Sold white Australian Opal cabochons – these are gorgeous little stones perfect for jewellers.

These cabochons are sold singly, but we do offer discounts for bulk purchases.

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Solid Australian White Opal cabochons

Gorgeous solid white Opal cabochons, available in various shapes and sizes. Opal is a truly classic gemstone and makes gorgeous jewellery.

A solid Opal cabochon is typically seen as more of an investment than a doublet or triplet cabochon, but honestly, it all depends on the size and grade.

Opal is a soft stone, and despite its looks and historical use, is not ideal for jewellery making. Special care should be taken to protect the stone; jewellery should be designed in a manner which protects the stone. In addition, Opals should be kept away from chemicals and water where possible - use as a ring is not recommended.

This must be made clear to your customer. While this Opal is all Australian and should not react with water, it is best working practice to recommend that it is not submerged or drenched with water or chemicals like bleach, detergents, etc.


Currently, all of our white Opal stock is from Australia.  These pieces are perfect for rings and necklaces or earrings.

These cabochons are sold singly, but we do offer discounts for bulk purchases.

Our grading is done in natural sunlight, with the quality varying between:

  • Grade AA - bright flash visible from most angles in daylight.
  • Grade A - bright flash visible from several angles in daylight.
  • Grade B - less bright flash, or a bright flash with inclusions.
  • Grade C - minimal flash, pinprick fire, or a reasonable flash but with inclusions.



As a light stone, these pieces have a classy look in lighter metals and a nice contrast with antiqued or metals with a patina.


The pictures you see here are representative of the products and are usually not the exact item you will receive. Where various grades are available we do try to photograph each grade - but some photographs are still on their way!

Additional information

Weight 0.005 kg
Dimensions 3 × 1 × 1 cm

Grade AA, Grade A, Grade B, Grade C

Size and Shape

4MM Round, 4.25MM Round, 4.5MM Round, 4.75MM Round, 5MM Round, 5.25MM Round, 5.5MM Round, 6MM Round, 8MM Round, 4x3MM Oval, 5×2.5MM Oval, 5x3MM Oval, 5×3.5MM Oval, 5.5×3.5MM Oval, 5.5x4MM Oval, 6x4MM Oval, 6×4.5MM Oval, 7x5MM Oval, 7×5.5MM Oval, 7.5x5MM Oval, 7.5×5.5MM Oval, 7x6MM Oval, 8x6MM Oval, 8×6.5MM Oval, 8.5x6MM Oval, 8.5×6.5MM Oval, 9x6MM Oval, 9×6.5MM Oval, 9x7MM Oval, 9.5x7MM Oval, 9.5×7.5MM Oval, 10x8MM Oval, 10.5x8MM Oval, 10.5×8.5MM Oval, 11×8.5MM Oval, 11x9MM Oval, 11.5x9MM Oval, 12x9MM Oval, 12x10MM Oval, 4x3MM Teardrop, 4.5x3MM Teardrop, 5x3MM Teardrop, 5×3.5MM Teardrop, 5.5×3.5MM Teardrop, 6×3.5MM Teardrop, 6x4MM Teardrop, 6×4.5MM Teardrop, 6.5x4MM Teardrop, 6.5×4.5MM Teardrop, 7x4MM Teardrop, 7×4.5MM Teardrop, 7x5MM Teardrop, 7.4x4MM Teardrop, 7.5×4.5MM Teardrop, 7.5x5MM Teardrop, 8x5MM Teardrop, 8.5×5.5MM Teardrop, 8x6MM Teardrop, 9x6MM Teardrop, 10x5MM Teardrop, 10x6MM Teardrop, 10×6.5MM Teardrop, 5×2.5MM Marquise, 6x3MM Marquise, 6.5x3MM Marquise, 7.5×3.5MM Marquise, 8x4MM Marquise, 10x5MM Marquise, 10.5x5MM Marquise

4 reviews for Opal Cabochons (Australian White)

  1. Nicky Kelsey (verified owner)

    I received my opals in great time and they were both beautiful, sparkly and perfect for what I needed. It helped me out in an emergency, so I’m very grateful!

  2. Graham (verified owner)

    Simply perfect! Exactly what I wanted and delighted with the quality

  3. Graham (verified owner)

    Absolutely delighted with my Opal. Thrilled with the quality!

  4. Lee (verified owner)

    I ordered 2 cabs they were very nice quality but didn’t match although it wasn’t a problem for me 🙂

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