Opal Cabochons (Australian White Freeforms)

A small selection of freeform Opal cabochons – all Australian white Opal.



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Australian White Opal freeform cabochons

A nice selection of freeform Opal cabochons. These are all Australian Opals from mixed fields - I'm afraid they came to us as a mixed lot.

These stones are hand-cut and are lovely pieces - the parcels are a good way for jewellers to buy a selection of stones, too.

The pieces you see in the photos are the exact items you'll receive. These freeform Opal cabochons are not cut to specific sizes and therefore would not be suitable for pre-made settings.


  • Freeform #1 – 6.95ct, 23 x 17.8 x 2.8MM - A fine stone, a lot of red and green flash – pinpricks.
  • Freeform #2 – 15ct, 25 x 15 x 6.2MM - A fine stone, greens, reds, blues – you won’t see many better for the price!
  • Freeform #3 – 8.3ct, 28.9 x 15 x 3.4MM - A pale stone, milky but with still with a good amount of flash.
  • Freeform #4 – 10.3ct, 17.4 x 12 x 8.8MM - Odd little stone – this is basically an Opal tumblestone.
  • Freeform #5 – 9.35ct, 29.3 x 13 x 5.2MM - Nice blues with a hint of aqua/green.
  • Freeform #6 – 43.7ct, 39 x 19 x 12MM - Nice specimen stone with a decent green flash. s
  • Freeform #7 – 1.3ct, 11.5 x 9MM - A very bright stone with flashes of blue, green, reds and orange.
  • Freeform #8 – 2.9ct, 14.35 x 10.9MM - A mostly green stone, with small flashes of red, blue and aqua. It does, however, have a crack – hence the low price.
  • Freeform #9 – 0.85ct, 8.75 x 6MM - Quite a bright stone, with green and blue flashes.
  • Freeform #A1 – 5.4ct, 20x11MM - A nice clear stone with flashes of green, blue, and red.
  • Freeform #A2 – 2.35ct, 15x10MM - A milky white stone with broad flashes of green, blue, orange and red.
  • Freeform #A3 – 5.25ct, 24x12.5MM - A milky white stone with pinprick flashes of blue and green.
  • Freeform #A4 – 3ct, 14.6x13.7MM - A fairly thin stone with an interesting 'skin like' green flash.
  • Freeform #A5 – 0.4ct, 6.7x6MM - A cute triangular stone with a bright green and blue flash.
  • Freeform #A6 – 1.85ct, 15x7MM - An oddly cut stone with plenty of blue and green. It does have a mark on one side - I think this was cut from some rough with inclusions.
  • Freeform #A7 – 2.2ct, 11.5x9.75MM - A pale white stone with a green and blue flash.
  • Freeform #A8 – 4ct, 19.5x9.75x4MM - A cloudy white stone with a green and blue flash.
  • Freeform #B1 - 3.4ct, 21.5x9.3x3.6MM - A mixed grey-black Opal with blue flash and a hint of green. The back is not perfectly flat and has numerous sand inclusions.


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