Topaz Specimens / Rough (Clear)


Small clear Topaz specimens, sold as 10 gram packets. A 10 gram packet typically contains 4-10 pieces.

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Rough clear Topaz

Lovely gemmy pieces of clear Topaz, in the rough. They are sold in 10 gram bags.

This material is usually used by lapidaries as cutting practice before moving on to higher quality Topaz material with colour.

However, considering the price, I think it ought to appeal to collectors too. You get quite a lot of material for the money – these ten gram packets contain around 4-10 pieces. The pieces are typically around 7-13MM each.



We’d like to hope you’d want to see some coloured Topaz, too – have a look!

If you’re a lapidarist looking for practice material, the best bet is our ‘Rough rock for Lapidary’ page.


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