Topaz, faceted (Imperial)

Small faceted imperial Topaz stones for jewellers.



Bulk Buys

Buy 5-9 pieces for                 £2.70-£6.75
Buy 10-19 pieces for                 £2.55-£6.38
Buy 20+ pieces for                 £2.40-£6.00

Faceted Imperial Topaz

Small pieces of faceted Imperial Topaz, perfect for jewellers. Imperial Topaz is a classic stone and is typically very prized.

It can be quite an expensive stone, but these pieces are at the budget end of pricing. Typically, this is due to a paler colouration, or their smaller size.

Currently, we have stock in two different shape/sizes. The 2-3MM stones are exactly that - between 2 and 3MM round. They are not calibrated to 2 or 3.


These pieces are part of an old collection and were bought in Brazil in the 1970s before being sold as part of an estate. Unfortunately, this means I do not have any information regarding treatment - hence the lower prices. I've included a closeup photo under 20x magnification so you can get an idea of the clarity.


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