Tanzanite, faceted

Small faceted Tanzanite stones for jewellers.



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Faceted Tanzanite

While not as popular as Emeralds or diamonds, the gorgeous blue of faceted Tanzanite is becoming a firm favourite with jewellers and jewellery buyers alike.

It can be quite an expensive stone, but these pieces are at the budget end of pricing. Typically, this is due to a paler colouration.

Why do buyers like Tanzanite so much? I personally think it's something to do with the scarcity. It is becoming more and more widely known now that Diamonds are not nearly as rare as we are led to believe - there is a store near me that promises they have 120,000 in stock!

Tanzanite, however, is mined in one small area of Tanzania. It is rare, especially in higher grades. The lower grade pieces tend to be an almost cornflower blue - the higher grades are a violet blue.


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