Opal Specimens / Rough (Ethiopian)


Rough Ethiopian Welo Opal Specimens, all with at least some play of colour.


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Rough Ethiopian Opal Specimens

Single small pieces of rough Ethiopian Opal, some of which are still in their original stone matrix. These come from the well known opal fields in and around the Welo province of Ethiopia.


All of these pieces will have at least some play of colour, and have been pictured dry in low light to show off some of the flash. When polished or wet, they will show up their flash much better.


Some of these pieces may be suitable for lapidary usage, although most are quite small, and many will have small cracks running throughout the Opal.

Our stock currently includes:

  1. Mixed pieces of white Opal – Grade B – 4-10MM
  2. Mixed pieces of white Opal – Grade A – 4-10MM
  3. Mixed pieces of white Opal – Grade AA – 4-10MM
  4. Grade AA – 23.5x15x11MM. Very good fires, good specimen piece.
  5. Grade B nodule – 45x36x29.5MM. Larger piece with very little fire, only a small patch with red flash.
  6. 9.66ct specimen of ‘Chocolate’ Welo Opal – 15×11.5×9.5MM. A nice specimen piece with good red, blue, green and orange fire.
  7. 29.04ct specimen of ‘Chocolate’ Welo Opal – 33x20x13.5MM. A larger piece with some blue, green and red fire.



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